x-ray tube engineering
SXT is an x-ray tube manufacturing company; designing both custom x-ray tubes and general use x-ray tubes. Our tubes have been designed into many types of x-ray generators, x-ray sources, x-ray assemblies, and x-ray housings worldwide.

Custom Engineered based on your Application Specifications

With decades of engineering experience, in both x-ray tube design and high-voltage design, we can work with your engineers to create optimized system solutions. Your x-ray source should be tailored to work with your software and your detector to create the best image possible, while minimizing patient dose, equipment weight, and cost.

x-ray tube engineering

Anode Model & Thermal Simulation
7kHU’s 20° .5mm Spot

Electron Optics F.E.A Output

Electron Optics F.E.A. Output
Cathode Gun “Width”

There can be countless design decisions that go into an x-ray tube—size, power, kV, mA, focal spot, target angle, etc. Our engineering team will identify the optimal x-ray tube solution for your needs.